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Meet Joel Cornwall


Joel Cornwall is a boy who loves God. A professional marital art student who currently holds a yellow and orange stripe belt. His favorite subject is math and science. His hubbies are playing with his action figures and swimming. He started reading three but fluently at the age of four. He loves his pet name Snow and is delighted to ROAR any chance he gets. He is also a business kid with an organic lemonade business.  Joels best times are playing with his dad, friends and cousins. There's a new story brewing for Joel about the greatest super hero. All Joel’s books will be under the series “The Chronicles of Joel” To learn more about Joel or for Free Worksheets follow us on all media platforms.

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 Moments with Joel

*  Mom I like hallowing.  Maybe you can sign me up for a hallwoing wolf class.

*  Can I taste some honey?  Honey is poured into his palm.  I got alot! I am bless, thanks mommy.

*  You have nice feet Joel.  Yes, but my fart and poop stinks.

Thanks to aunty Stacey this book will soon be published to bring laughter to you

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