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Meet Little Doggins, a sweet dog who couldn't find his way back home. 

Little Doggins loves school but one day something happens.  He went to school, but when the school bell rang, Little Doggins was nowhere to be found. This amazing children’s book, takes place in a small town called Animalsville where different families lived. Let's see what happens next.  Will Little Doggins ever be found?  


About Me

My name is Virtuous Nyamesem Cornwall and I am the founder and owner of the publishing company, VNCBOOKS LLC. I have had the privilege of working with children in various settings ranging from schools as a teacher, to private homes as a Nanny, and even in my church as a Sunday school teacher/dance choreographer. I currently live in New Jersey with my husband and son.

ServiceCurrently, I provide free zoom, google classroom and Skype meetings with students.

Objective: Read and engage children in interactive activities. Each visit is tailored to fit the age group I will be working with. 

Presentation: Children will be encouraged to write their own stories. There will be a discussion of the process in becoming an author, from the first word to publishing the book.

Discount: Free book donation to school library.

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"Awesome book about safety and how important it is to communicate. We loved it and will be reading it often. The kids were enamored by the illustrations."

K. Nhin

My daughter and I enjoyed reading this lovely picture book! A wonderful story about animals who are different coming together to find another missing animal. Lovely message about working together and unity.


This is a sweet story of an animal town that doesn’t speak the same language. But when one of their own gets lost they work together to find Little Doggins. Soon everyone understood each other. Cute story and colorful illustrations.

Kathy T.

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